Eleanor Kaufman Khan

Eleanor Kaufman Khan

Learning how to breastfeed takes time.

Our Newborn Family Lactation Support program honors the natural, unhurried pace of learning and integration that needs to take place for mother and baby to develop a strong breastfeeding rhythm. Beginning with support during pregnancy, our approach is rooted in an understanding that when we consciously prepare for the mental, emotional, and physical labors of breastfeeding, we are more successful at reaching our goals of exclusively feeding our babies with our breastmilk.

program at a glance

  • Personalized lactation counseling beginning in pregnancy and throughout baby’s first 3 months (or 6 months with Lactation PLUS), for families seeking to breastfeed exclusively and develop a sustainable breastfeeding family practice.

  • On-call support beginning from time of birth, responding within 3 hours for the first 2 weeks, within 6 hours through first 6 weeks

  • Daily check-ins after baby is born to go over previous day’s progress, ask questions, address any challenges, and identify any additional support or resources that might be needed

  • Support begins during pregnancy: Prenatal Breastfeeding Series is included with this service package + responsive feedback is given within 48 hours of seeking support or answers to a question throughout the pregnancy

  • Recovering Breastfeeding Practice and reinitiating a positive breastfeeding rhythm after birth trauma, separation, or other challenges

  • Lactation PLUS includes continued virtual support through baby’s first 6 months, 3 Birth Journey Processing sessions, daily checkins as needed, and responses within 24 hours of seeking support.

About the Lactation Counselor

Colin A. Danville

Colin A. Danville

Binahkaye Joy is a Mother Mother, fertility dancer, writer, movement facilitator, lactation counselor, creativity coach, and co-creator of TheFamily Dances. She has been breastfeeding daily since her oldest child was born in 2013. She supports breastfeeding moms and families with knowledge from her extensive nursing experiences, including exclusive breastfeeding, nursing on demand, breastfeeding while pregnant, nighttime breastfeeding, tandem nursing, and gentle weaning strategies for older toddlers. Binahkaye is also a Certified Lactation Counselor through the Academy of Lactation Practice & Policy.