capoeira brings us together.

Capoeira FUNdamentals is a fun movement, play, and music class that centers on the primary elements of capoeira, an African Brazilian martial art.

Capoeira FUNdamentals is especially designed to engage preschool, elementary, and middle school learners in dynamic, kinetic activities that increase coordination, rhythm, endurance, awareness, and confidence.

Each class gives participants an opportunity to practice fundamental movements that are needed to play the game of capoeira with a partner in the roda. Students are also given an introduction to basic capoeira rhythms on the drum and learn how to sing some of the traditional capoeira songs.


about the instructor

A holistic fitness and wellness practitioner for the past 16 years, James Muwonge has been studying capoeira for more than a decade. Entrusted early on by his teachers to facilitate capoeira programs, he has been instructing youth, families, and community groups since 2011.

James enlivens each Capoeira FUNdamentals class with innovative games and exercises that are truly accessible for all learners. He strives to help every child tap into their individual strengths, while also inspiring them to practice more challenging movements and try out more complicated sequences.

James’ boundless energy and passion for capoeira is contagious. Students are always eager to go home and share with their parents the progress they’ve made from week to week. Young people, parents, and even the teachers, are known to cheer loudly whenever he walks through the door.

James is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


Bring Capoeira FUNDAMENTALS to your school or organization

We design customized programs for every group we serve. School administrators, programming coordinators, teachers, and parents are welcome to request a programming proposal. Our current service area for Capoeira FUNdamentals is the Washington, DC metropolitan area.


request a program proposal

Please complete the form using the link below and we’ll design a customized program proposal for your school or organization. If you’d like to speak with us today about Capoeira FUNdamentals programming, feel free to contact Binah at 202.297.5857 or