liberated booty

Liberated Booty is a movement methodology that explores the kinetic application of fertile radiance in our bodies as mothers and women. It invites participants to become hyper-present with the abundance of their own embodied creative powers, and to engage their dancing body as a generative site for identifying and actualizing their wildest fertility dreams. Learn more about Liberated Booty!


Mother mother dance dialogue

The Mother Mother Dance Dialogue is an exploratory movement class for mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, sistergirls, grandmas, godmommies, and other womenfolk who are family to each other. Guided through customized dance processes, movement games, and embodied dialogue shares, participants discover new things about themselves and deepen their understanding of how they relate to each other. Accessible for movers of all stages, the Mother Mother Dance Dialogue gives everyone an opportunity to co-create a beautiful dance that uniquely reflects themselves and the women in their family. Read “Returning to the Mother” on the FYI Family! blog to learn more about the Mother Mother dance process.


private dance classes

Let us customize a movement exploration series for you! We offer single sessions and multiple session packages. Private dance classes are optimal for individuals seeking more personalized support in the fulfillment of their dance dreams. These sessions also include detailed, written feedback for the continued development of your movement practice.


open studio

Open Studios are for our community to come and participate in our creative practices. The Liberated Booty Open Studio gives participants an opportunity to journey inside the Liberated Booty movement practice and explore tangible applications of amplifying our fertile radiance in everyday moments. The Mother Mother Open Studio is an immersive dance experience inside Binahkaye’s development for the Mother Mother performance series. Participants get to see excerpts of choreography in development, and also experiment with their own embodied movement shares. See the calendar for upcoming open studios.

ABOUT THE facilitator

Photo by Colin Danville

Photo by Colin Danville

Binahkaye Joy is a Mother Mother, fertility dancer, writer, movement facilitator, lactation counselor, creativity coach, and co-creator of TheFamily Dances. She uses movement and dance explorations to engage more deeply with intuition, passion, fertility, healing, and joy. As a facilitator she creates spaces and programs where everyone is encouraged to play and discover the possibilities of their wondrous moving bodies. Binahkaye believes the dance belongs to all us, and that every living being has a sacred dance that is vital to the sustainability of the human family.