So, How is your booty Living?

Liberated Booty is a movement methodology that explores the kinetic application of fertile radiance in our bodies as mothers and women. It invites participants to become hyper-present with the abundance of their own embodied creative powers, and to engage their dancing body as a generative site for identifying and actualizing their wildest fertility dreams.

Liberated Booty is for anyone seeking to amplify vibrancy and vitality through the collaborative magic of her own breath, blood, and bone. Whether you are preparing to welcome a new baby into your world, untangling the complex and emotional threads of a heartbreak, recovering from fertility trauma or pregnancy loss, navigating the highs and lows of a healing journey, trying to overcome another bout of writer’s block, needing to access soul-deep and authentic clarity for a major life decision—Liberated Booty is here to be a resource for you!


So many ways to liberate that booty…


Book a complimentary consultation to learn more about the Liberated Booty program and how it can be customized to support your personal fertility and creativity practices.

  • Open Group classes are held several times a week at the home studio. Members and visitors can schedule themselves at their convenience for these small group classes. These classes are free for members!

  • Solo sessions are available for members and visitors, and can be scheduled for the home studio or virtually. Members enjoy a discounted rate for solo sessions.

  • Private Group classes are available at the home studio for bridal parties, family bonding activities, friendship reunions, birthday parties, and more. Members can register for private group classes at a discounted rate. If you have a special idea in mind, request a customized program proposal and we can start exploring the options today!

  • Booty Bundles are perfect for members who want to take Liberated Booty classes more than once a week, or for visitors who want to save money on multiple classes. Booty Bundles are also great for members who want to share the Liberated Booty magic and want to apply class credits for friends, another awesome perk of membership!

scheduling your classes

All of our classes at TheFamily Dances are by-appointment-only. It’s the ultimate flexible scheduling party! This means everyone, members and visitors alike, has to be pre-registered for every class. All classes must be scheduled at least two days in advance.

group classes



  • 55 minute class

  • Members: Free* (limit one class per week)

  • Visitors: $20

  • For members only: If none of the open group sessions are workable, members may apply their weekly free class to a virtual solo session.




  • 75 minute class

  • Members: $40

  • Visitors: $80


  • 45 minute class

  • Members: $40

  • Visitors: $80


Booty bundles


  • Members: 5 classes for $45, 10 classes for $80

  • Visitors: 5 classes for $60, 10 classes for $100

SOLO SESSIONS (home studio & virtual)

  • Members: 4 sessions for $100

  • Visitors: 4 sessions for $200