In honor of black/women’s History month

TheFamily Dances invites black mothers and women in our community to nominate themselves or another black woman they love to participate in Liberated Booty Wellness Circle, a special workshop edition of Liberated Booty.

Black women everywhere need more spaces where our fertility and creativity is affirmed and supported in safe and loving spaces. The Liberated Booty Wellness Circle aims to create such an environment and welcomes the sweet possibilities that can bloom from this magical and beautiful togetherness.

Our wonderful sponsor, Social Conscience PBC, is hosting 10 black women to take part in the Liberated Booty Wellness Circle. Participants can choose to attend one of the two sessions on Saturday March 16 from 4pm-6pm or Sunday March 17 from 11am-1pm. Both sessions take place at TheFamily Dances home studio in the Brightwood area of northwest Washington, DC. Children are always welcome at programs by TheFamily Dances.

Please complete the nomination form below by Monday March 11. Selected participants must confirm their attendance by Wednesday March 13.

Must submit by Monday March 11

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Please confirm your/your nominee's availability to be present for the workshop BEFORE submitting a nomination form. We also recommend that you/your nominee read our "Home Studio" information to plan your visit.
Children are always welcome at TheFamily Dances home studio. We like to be prepared for our munchkins. Please share the names and ages of any children who will be in attendance.
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Benefits of a Liberated Booty

As we like to say, “a Liberated Booty is a Liberated Being!” How we move our bodies, and specifically how we move our fertile and creative center, the booty, translates in infinite ways to every other part of our lives. When there is fluid, abundant, and spirited movement in our booty, then the momentum of that energy ripples out in magical, powerful, and positive ways. 

Black women’s bodies have historically been violated, policed, and forced to submit to systems that deny autonomy and prohibit the healthy exploration of self-determined realities. These oppressive legacies have been encoded within the cellular matter of our DNA, passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter. One way to disrupt the proliferation of these repressive narratives, is to literally offer our living cells an alternative script to follow, one that is empowered, authentic, expansive, loving, and of our own design. Dancing facilitates such a transformation, and Liberated Booty especially illuminates intentional movement processes to author more freedom, possibility, and joy in our everyday moments.  

Liberated Booty is offered as a healing tool to aid in the restoration and cultivation of fertility radiance. Its accessible movement is a practical resource for all movers and shakers, and complements holistic approaches to reducing the prevalence of fibroids, creating greater balance for reproductive hormones, increasing intuitive awareness through conception, pregnancy, and birth, recovering from fertility trauma and pregnancy loss, reimagining future possibilities amidst infertility challenges, and gently restoring a mother’s vitality in the postpartum season.

Liberated Booty is also an effective practice for amplifying creativity and being able to identify what truly feels good and right for your body. The same space where we nurture our fertility is also where our creativity flourishes. Liberated Booty is really helpful for artists, writers, and others who might be feeling stagnant with a project, uninspired in their writing, mentally paralyzed with an important life decision, or struggling to take the final leap toward their wildest dreams.

Inside the dance, the muscles of liberation are stretched and strengthened, and this elasticity, both physically and emotionally, allows us to be more honest and present with who it is we really want to be and what it is we really want to create. Every glorious shimmy, every delightful roll of the hips, brings us closer to our own understanding of what we truly need to feel happy and free in this life, in this moment.

About the facilitator

Binahkaye Joy is a mother, dancer, writer, movement facilitator, lactation counselor, creativity coach, and co-creator of TheFamily Dances. She uses movement and dance explorations to engage more deeply with intuition, passion, fertility, healing, and joy. As a facilitator she creates spaces and programs where everyone is encouraged to play and discover the possibilities of their wondrous moving bodies. Binahkaye believes the dance belongs to all us, and that every living being has a sacred dance that is vital to the sustainability of the human family.