We’ve all got a story to tell…

Mothers Writing Lab is a gathering space for mothers and mothering hearts to share our writing, experiment with new writing prompts and activities, practice methodologies for deepening our writing craft as mothering artists, and explore innovative processes for giving and receiving meaningful feedback on our work.


about the facilitator

Binahkaye Joy is a Mother Mother, writer, fertility dancer, creativity coach, lactation counselor, movement facilitator, and writing workshop leader. She immerses herself in the creative process with children moving in, around, over, and through her at all times of the day. Whether breastfeeding infants and toddlers, babywearing sleepy babies, cooking large batches of beans, negotiating a new contract for the family business, or running physics experiments with the munchkins, she always finds a way to tap into some part of her writing and movement practices.

As a facilitator for mother-centric spaces, she helps other mothers and women cultivate deeper and more meaningful relationships with their creativity, giving special attention to discovering and amplifying innovative strategies for lovingly integrating our children into our creative processes.

In 2014 she began leading the New Mommy Writers’ Workshop at local libraries in Washington, DC. In the summer of 2015 that workshop series evolved into the Mothering Gourd Writers Collective, a weekly writing session for mothers and women to develop new material, share their work and get feedback from their peers. During this time she also designed and facilitated two special Birth Stories events for mothers to explore creative storytelling methodologies and access authentic narratives for processing and translating the multilayered realities of their birth experiences.

When TheFamily Dances opened their home studio, Binahkaye wanted to devote part of the family’s labors to holding space once again for an intentional writing community for mothers and women, and so the Mothers Writing Lab was born.