We’re all learning, all the time.

Sometimes members of TheFamily Dances gather at our home studio to participate in our Family Learning Lab for the day. We call these happenings Village Days.

Village Days are a mashup of learning and play activities—some structured, some organic, some accidentally amazing— that center around the discovery process of every person in the room. We come together to open up about the vulnerable, comical, terrifying, chaotic, magical, and liberating parts of exploring what homeschooling, unschooling, worldschooling, and self-directed education can look like for ourselves and our children.

We start around 10am and go until the last family leaves. Sometimes this is before nap time, sometimes this is after we’ve all had a lovely dinner together. Every Village Day is different.

If you’re not a member of TheFamily Dances and you’d like to visit us on a Village Day to see if it’s a good fit for you and your folks, please complete the info below so we can begin planning your visit.


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