Colin A. Danville

Colin A. Danville

The earlier we prepare for a breastfeeding life, the better our outcomes will be.

Breastfeeding impacts every aspect of family life. As families, we can begin the learning process long before the baby arrives. Our prenatal support services foster opportunities to think critically and lovingly about the many intersecting factors that contribute to developing and sustaining a strong and positive breastfeeding practice for the whole family.

Our Prenatal Services

prenatal breastfeeding series

This 4-part virtual workshop series supports the breastfeeding family in understanding how to prepare for their new breastfeeding life. Focusing on the physical, emotional, and financial benefits of exclusively breastfeeding, this series helps families identify their unique needs and potential strategies for achieving their breastfeeding goals.

  • Session 1: Understanding the Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom, Baby & Family

  • Session 2: The Birthing Hour & Initiating the Breastfeeding Practice

  • Session 3: Preparing for an Exclusive Breastfeeding Family Dynamic

  • Session 4: Identifying Postpartum Breastfeeding Resources

  • Each session is an hour long phone or video call, and can be scheduled any time during the pregnancy.

  • The Prenatal Breastfeeding Series is included with the Newborn Family Lactation Support program.

Prenatal lactation consultation

  • Prenatal consultations give an overview of topics covered in the Prenatal Breastfeeding Series, with a focus on understanding strategies for positive breastfeeding initiation in the immediate hours after birth. Also included, suggestions for implementing postpartum practices and organizing a family support network for mom and baby.

  • By phone or video chat, 90 min.

About the Lactation Counselor

Colin A. Danville

Colin A. Danville

Binahkaye Joy is a Mother Mother, fertility dancer, writer, movement facilitator, lactation counselor, creativity coach, and co-creator of TheFamily Dances. She has been breastfeeding daily since her oldest child was born in 2013. She supports breastfeeding moms and families with knowledge from her extensive nursing experiences, including exclusive breastfeeding, nursing on demand, breastfeeding while pregnant, nighttime breastfeeding, tandem nursing, and gentle weaning strategies for older toddlers. Binahkaye is also a Certified Lactation Counselor through the Academy of Lactation Practice & Policy.