Connecting Pleasure & Dance on Fare of the Free Child Podcast, ep. 114


Guess who stars in this episode of Akilah Richard’s Fare of the Free Child podcast! Our very own Mother of the House, Binahkaye Joy is featured in the Pleasure Series, drawing critical connections between dance and its vital role in accessing pleasure as parents raising brilliant, magical, and free people.

In this talk Binah shares the many ways that dance has been a part of her life from girlhood to womanhood to motherhood, and how the movement has always been such an intimate and generative part of recovering her own fertility joys after times of great loss. She also talks about what it means to be a family that centers movement in everyday life, and how this gives her children so much space to constantly explore their own opportunities as creators and movers.

There’s so much goodness in this episode! Check out episode 114, “The Pleasure Series- Binah Joy” at and spread the word!