Mother, We've Got Time!


Calling all mothers, artists, and creative folks! We’re preparing for something special for you, an awesome ONLINE event that’s coming up in a few weeks: Mother, We’ve Got Time: Reimagining Our Relationship to Time as Mothers and Artists.

In Mid-July you can join us for the next live session opening up new possibilities in how we access and amplify our creativity and creative practices within the TIME WE HAVE! Yes, we DO in fact have time, right now, in our very busy, chaotic lives, to CREATE!

This online session is designed especially with Mothers in mind, but accessible to all creatives and folks who just want to be more intentional with their creative practice. I get asked all the time, “But how do you have TIME to dance/write/create as a MOTHER?” I’ll be sharing some practical tools I’ve learned from my own mothering artist life, and also offering new ways to deconstruct and reimagine the creative opportunities we can extract from everyday moments.

And no worries if you didn’t make it online during the actual event. All participants will receive a link to the recording too! Listen and watch the live recording of our first event!


Sound bites on motherhood, creativity & time

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