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Ever since moving into our home studio, we’ve been experimenting with ways to create meaningful community with the families and folks who really support and celebrate our work. We see our space as an intentionally designed, family-accessible site for creative engagement. Our vision is to have a diverse line-up of programs that really makes everyone feel welcome and excited to be a part of all we’re doing.

If you’re someone who really, really loves what we’re about, then please become a member today! We have awesome benefits for everyone who joins our Members’ Circle!

For those who are interested in supporting us, but are not looking to join our Members’ Circle, we have a fun, new way to support, become a FRIEND of TheFamily! Friends of TheFamily make a one-time (or as many times as you like! Hey, Friend, hey!) contribution, $25 for a single person and $40 for a family. As a THANK YOU to all our new Friends, you’ll receive class credit to apply to any class you choose—how wonderful is that?

Not local to the Washington, DC area, but still want to become a friend of TheFamily? Well, first, THANK YOU! And second, you can choose to either donate your class credit to another family, or receive a special virtual thank you gift from TheFamily for your contribution. Be sure to let us know your preference when you sign up as a friend!


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