Personal Training Now Available at the Home Studio!

We’re so pumped to announce our new personal training programs going on at TheFamily Dances! James’ innovative approach as a personal trainer is all about expanding your practical knowledge of exercises, stretches, and sequences that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Finding dynamic applications of core strengthening and body resistance techniques, James teaches you how even without extensive weight lifting apparatuses or intricate machinery you can achieve a highly effective, holistic workout that meets your specific fitness goals. Even more, James specializes in showing you how all this can happen with just your very capable body and a little square of space. His programs center around discovering how to get the most out of every opportunity you have to enhance your wellness in your day to day rhythms, all while increasing your strength, growing more flexible, and building endurance.

To kick off our first week of personal training packages, we’re offering all our folks a 10% discount at checkout with the code FITFAM10. You must sign up for a package by March 31, 2019 to take advantage of this deal. We have something for the whole family, of course! Choose from individual, couple or family plans. And just like all our other classes, all personal training sessions are scheduled at your convenience.

So come on, family, let’s get fit together and sign up today!


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